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About Us

Friends, Fishing & Fun
Mini golf in Bar Harbor, Maine

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Fishing together for over 20 years in the Gulf of Maine inspired Holly Masterson and David Horner to share their many sea stories about
harvesting lobsters, scallops, shrimp, and groundfish with the visitors of Mount Desert Island. By playing an 18-hole round of Marine Adventures Mini Golf, guests will experience a fun way to learn about the Gulf of Maine, its coastal communities, and local fishermen. 

Meet David

David spent his early years living in New Jersey, watching the fishing boats unload their catch on the New Jersey piers. Fascinated by the business, David was motivated at a very early age to become a fisherman. When he was 12, his family moved to Maine. It wasn’t long before Dave and his father bought a skiff, fishing lobster traps by hand in Southwest Harbor. By the time Dave was 20, he had bought a dragger and was scalloping, shrimping, and ground fishing.

Meet Holly

Holly was 15 when she started working for Dave on his fishing dragger. She would go down to the boat when she got in from many days at sea, clean the galley, restock provisions, and tidy up. She’d prepare the boat for Dave and his crew so they could always take the next chance to get out. 9 years later, Dave was in a pinch and needed a stern man for a few days while his crew member recovered from an injury. The first day Holly went fishing with Dave, she claims, it was late October and very cold. She had never been on a boat that long and was really worn out by the end of the day. Her hands were not very strong, and she had not prepared lunch or worn enough warm clothing. At the end of the day, she was cold, tired, and grouchy.

When they hit the dock, Dave looked at her and said, “Well, you made a truck payment today.” That perked Holly up. She had never made that much on her best waitress nights and her day job. He said, “Do you want to do it again tomorrow?” Without hesitation, Holly said, “Absolutely!” And they’ve been fishing together ever since.

David and Holly bought the Golf of Maine property in 2018 and started a vendors market that was popular for a short time during the pandemic. As things shifted in the fishing industries and aging priorities shifted, the Golf of Maine mini golf was conceived of as a way to tell their fishing stories in a fun and new way. Restocking the boat back in the day allowed Dave to hit the golf course.

From age 4 or 5, Holly remembers playing miniature golf with her grandmothers. She continues seeking mini golf courses while traveling with her daughter and says it’s one of her favorite pastimes.

Welcome to Golf of Maine

“It was a natural new business for us to take on. We both love golf and we both have the utmost respect for the waters we’ve fished over the years. We want to share our stories with our customers and have them learn a little something about the fishing industries here in Maine..” ~ Holly Masterson, owner GOM

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